Backround and History

Moore Farms

Sons of Marian and Melvin Moore; Jeff, John, and Joel were born and raised on a family farm near Mapleton, Minnesota. Mapleton is located in south central Minnesota about 100 miles southwest of Minneapolis. Currently we grow corn and soybeans on owned and rented land and finish hogs. In the past we have raised pail calves, finished cattle, fed heifers, farrowed hogs, and raised alfalfa and small grains. The ag economics in the early 80’s were not conducive to support 3 boys on a farm, so they went off and received post-secondary education. However, they always remained part of the farming operation, and all have moved back to the Mapleton area to raise their families.

Jeff attended the University of Minnesota – Waseca and Mankato State University receiving degrees in business and law enforcement. He has held positions in the Federal Prison System, as a hog system manager, as an ag banker, and a crop insurance agent. Jeff has remained active in the farming operation and assists with operational decisions.

John attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon graduation, he returned to the farm and manages operations. John has experience in computer based farm management and assisted in developing a computer based ag management solutions program.

Joel attended Macalester College and the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis. He received a degree in pharmacy and works in hospital pharmacy. Joel assists with farm operations and management decisions. Joel also has background in computer based management systems.

Why start Crop Revenue Technologies?

The crop insurance agent that served our farm supplied more than just insurance. He brought tools that helped us make great decisions based on our farm’s data. We want to supply that type of service to other farmers and empower them to make the right decisions. We look at crop insurance, marketing, farm expenses, and other data that will affect the farmer’s operation. We truly enjoy helping farmers find solutions.

Why would a farmer select Crop Revenue Technologies over their current insurance agent?

We are farmers making the same decisions that you are. We can assist you with a customized review of your operation to help you make the right management decisions.

We have a broad background in insurance, banking, farm business, and developing farm business management solutions.

We are part of the group that created and developed the FPAD product. A computer based solution that assists with insurance and marketing decisions.

If you are successful, we will be successful.